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“In a world full of distractions and during a time of temptations, the “Do You” Retreat offered me a break to reflect on my life, my next steps and God’s divine order for my life. I left feeling encouraged, empowered and uplifted.”

S. Boyette

“The Do You Retreat was eye opening for me. I learned, shared, and received so much love, caring and support. I will be back to continue my growth.”

D.Q. Cooke

“I’m so happy that I have found a tribe that I can belong to and have a community of sisters that can help me build a support system to accept any blockages that I may have and push through them to excel to the next level. I’m on my path to success and fulfillment to achieve true happiness.”

Jennifer S. Williams, Holistic Practitioner

“Today I invested in me and was refreshed, refueled and re-energized to go forth in all that I am called to be and do. The Do You Retreat will give you back more than you can imagine.”

Cynthia Walker, Life Coach and Counselor

“Attending the workshop/ retreat I felt like I had been operated on and all the parts that no longer served me were removed.”

Monica Carter, Document Specialist

“This was one of the best workshops I have attended. The presenter was gifted, genuine and authentic in character and the teaching style was warm, inviting and full of life.”

Darcy Halbreich, Executive Administrator

“This has been an extremely inspiring retreat. So many things learned. I learned how to dig into the authentic me.”

Christine Battistella, Registered Nurse

“By attending the workshop/ retreat I gained clarity and powerful tools to get rid of the fear.”

Verleana Green, Attorney at Law

“By attending the workshop/ retreat you will begin to get in touch with the ‘true self’, the ‘real you’ and take the actions you need to take to achieve your absolute, authentic self. “

Dr. Gwen Rowe-Lee

“ I expected the workshop to be good, but I did not anticipate that it would be phenomenal. My expectations were exceeded in every way. I look forward to hosting one in Puerto Rico!”

Dr. Laura Lyons

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